Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Emmitt's Baby Blessing July 7, 2013

I have more pictures to post from Emmitt's blessing, but they are on my in-laws computer.  So until then, I'll post the one I have of me and Emmitt...

Emmitt didn't cry the whole day... He's such a sweet natured boy!  His daddy gave him a beautiful blessing and I just know Emmitt will live his life to fulfill those blessings. :)

We had a picnic afterwards at the Joseph park.  Dirk's entire family was there along with my parents, Emma and Julia's family (minus Tyler).

I love getting together as a family and I especially love having kids so it all worked out great! ;)

Eli-ism Monday

"Mom, remember 20 years ago when Ivy..." Lol!

Paper worthy

Dirk and Emma are basically famous now...

So proud of these two for showing up and serving it up! :). All of Emma's tennis lessons have paid off mom and dad!  Xoxo

Real Estate Agent!

Guess what's in the envelope??!

If you guessed Dirk's real estate license, you're right!!  Dirk has joined with ERA and I'm so excited for him!  He'll be terrific!

In other news, Dirk got our front dirt pile roto tilled with manure... Getting ready to plant grass!  YES!!!

And of course the kids couldn't miss an opportunity to play in manure in the back of the truck!!

And here's two random pictures of Eli and Ivy both with Emmitt... They sure do love him!

Ivy's nose is a bit runny... We've all been fighting allergies and colds around here.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ivy and a few of her "babies"

At prayer time she likes to gather any of her "babies" that are in sight...

Monday, August 5, 2013


Some cute things Eli has said this week:

Before going to sleep tonight, I was telling Eli all the many things I love about him and he said "mom, it's like that song... I love you just the way you are." I guess he's heard that song before?(lol), but It was so sweet to hear him say that. The things our kids teach us!

Okay, another quote from Eli that I had to post:

Eli: "Mom, don't you know you're lucky?"
Me: "why am I lucky?"
Eli: "you have lots of money, you can cook, you sleep in your own bed, you change diapers, you watch other kids.  I can't do all those thing so you are lucky." Haha!  I guess he's right!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Superheroes and queens

This morning I asked Eli if our new puppy had food and water to which he repsonded "no, but I'm taking her to the queen."  Then I saw this lol...

So sweet!

Later, Eli really wanted a super hero cape so I went and pulled out some material.  Ivy found this pink material and HAD to have it on her so this is what we came up with...

Pretty cute in a flintostone sort of way ;)

And the super hero cape... Not too shabby for a five minute job (okay, more like 20 or 30)!