Monday, December 30, 2013

Vision Board or Life Cycle Plan

When creating a vision board, there are certain ways in which you decorate it in order to make it more effective.  Here's an image:

I have a few areas left to fill in on my vision board, but I'm already so excited about it!!

Here are some basic steps to follow:
1- start collecting pictures from the Internet, magazines, catalogs wherever!
2- get a large white poster board (or any color would be fine really)
3- get scissors, tape (or anything to stick your images on the board with)
4- start placing things in the right area.  Sometimes I find an Inge that I know isn't for right now, but in the future so I'll save it in an envelope for my next vision board.
5- hang it up where you'll see it daily.  

Good luck!!  This is an awesome activity and it's setting goals visually so if you're a very visual person, this is a great activity!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ivy's 3rd birthday party!

We had an impromptu birthday party for Ivy at grandma and grandpa's house on her birthday.  I was going to do a small party for her at our house once daddy got home from work, but we decided to have more fun with all her cousins... And grandma made her a pink princess cake, which was a HIT!  

I LOVE my little girl SO much!  She's a ball of energy that just loves everyone even if she's quite shy at times!  She's very forgiving also and doesn't hold grudges...  She's creative and loves girlie things and loves to dance and sing!  I'm so grateful for the blessing of this girl in my life!

Nikken Leadership Conference Las Vegas

Dirk and I headed to Vegas at the end of October for Nikken's leadership conference!  It was a blast!!!

We shared a room with my parents and again Emmitt was a total trooper!!  Noelle was there and Chanelle came to visit one night.  They baby sat Emmitt while dirk and I went to our first presidents club dinner!

It was fun to see so much of our nikken family there!!!  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eagle Expo in Spokane, WA

In September, my aunt Noelle and I took a road trip to Spokane, WA.  We stayed at the Mirabeau Park hotel and my cousin Courtney stayed with us even though she lives close by in Post Falls, ID.  It was a girls weekend!!  Ethel Harris roomed with us too.  She's from Gilbert, AZ and is a fun part of our nikken biz!

We had a great time with Geoff, Kimball, Rick, Bonna and others!!

I loved visiting with Noelle and Coco!  They are two amazing women!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eli and Ivy in Primary

Eli and Ivy with their entire primary!!  A great group of kids along with their amazing president, Sister Neff and leader sister Trujillo!  

Technically Ivy should still be in nursery, but since there are no other nursery aged kids, she often joins up with the primary.  Eli takes good care of here there :)

Our new chapel in Central Valley... It's gorgeous!!

Eli turns five!

Last week, Eli turned the big 5!!!  He loves his friends so we decided to throw a small party at our house... It was out of control lol!!!  A wild game of pin the tail on the donkey and some gluten free cupcakes seemed to do the trick!  Eli got super spoiled with a ton of gifts!

This kid is one awesome boy!  He helps me out so much and is such a wonderful brother to Ivy and Emmitt.  He already does a stellar job of keeping his room clean and we are working on saving money and paying tithing.  He'll try nearly every food I make and as of last week he loves salad (with ranch of course)!!!

Love you so so so much my kind, thoughtful, sweet, handsome Eli!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Here and there...

Dirk and I loaded up the kids yesterday to drive to St. George and pick up our fifth wheel because my sister Angela texted and said she was no longer using it.  So we didn't have any other day and didn't want to be charged for the park fees so we drove down on Sunday.  My sister Julia and her family were camping near Sulphurdale so we dropped Eli off to hang out there all day and took the younger two with us.  My mom actually stopped in Kanab to meet Ang with the keys and met her new hubs (yes, yes... sigh... She apparently married someone from Colorado City if you know what that means), and then we briefly met my mom and Emma in St. George to swap keys :).

Any-who, it was conference weekend and I missed the first hour of the second session of general conference, but listened to all the rest and took copious notes!  I LOVED it and the messages :)!  Dirk and I wrote our family mission statement on the drive... Now I just need to figure out how to display it.

Ivy playing with all her dolls "babies" while she patiently waited for dad to hook up the fifth wheel.

Now for some random pictures from the week...

Ivy and her cousin Hazel dressed up as princesses.  Hazel is fairly consumed with all things "princess"...I realized my princessy stuff is limited in supply **sigh**.  I'll have to work on that (maybe) ;)

Going to jump on the tramp in this fall weather!

I just love Ivy's smile here!!  She's like a little chipmunk...those lovable cheekies!!

Eli came down the stairs like this the other day and I busted up laughing! Seriously, that mask (his daddy made it for him) and the hard hat go well together lol!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beet kvass

Getting on my beet kvass tonight at 1am... 

I have so many tomatoes etc still to bottle, but it's supposed to snow this weekend!!!!  I'm so not ready!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I love this green wall in our dining / kitchen area!!  It's a constant reminder of the blessings in my life... Family, friends and having eternal perspective!!  Love it!

My sweeties