Monday, May 25, 2015

Branch party!

Our branch Cinco de Mayo party of 2015 was just a week or two ago.  Here I am with my good friend and fellow branch member, Michele Visarraga!
Here I am with my good friend and another branch member, Esmeralda Gomez!  I'm also showing all my pregnant glory at 33 weeks of pregnancy! :)

Birthday party!

Our friend's Solange and Quince Reid had a Ninja Turtle Birthday party for their little guy, Carlitos in November 2014.  We had a great time at the party!!!

Foot zone therapist!!!

Maria graduated from WE DO FEET as a Foot Zone Therapist in April of 2014!  She loves being a foot zone therapist and all she learned during her classes with Susan Child and Brad Noall!!

School play

Eli was in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for his Kindergarten play.  He played sneezey.  He is fourth over from the left:

Eli is on the back row, fourth over from the left and he's pointing at the camera:

Eli with one of his friends, Kapri, during a field trip.

Long walks and Park time!

What a good daddy!!!  Here we are walking down the lane by grandma and grandpa's.

Random pictures at the park in Richfield:

20 weeks

20 weeks along with our little boy, baby #4


Love my mom

This was taken in St. George December 2014.  We were all in town for our family Christmas party! (I was also 12 weeks pregnant!

Emmitt turns two

Emmitt turned two on May 9th, 2015!!!  This kid has been nothing but fun since he was born!  His first year of life he was the easiest, sweetest baby ever!!!  He ate, slept, pooped, let other people hold him, and just was so pleasant!!!  During year one, he was a little more stubborn with his plans, but was still very amiable and loving!  Here are a few things about Emmitt:

  • He's very sturdy and coordinated and will jump off of very high places and has done so for probably the past 6 months.
  • He smiles and waves and nearly everybody
  • He has a huge vocabulary and will repeat ANYTHING we ask him too, which is pretty fun!
  • He has absolutely no desire to potty train yet.
  • He LOVES trucks, tractors, hats, car keys, hammers and screw drivers
  • He loves his grandma and grandpa
  • He loves to play tough with people and is always jumping on bigger kids when he plays on the trampoline.

 Emmitt loves his brother Eli!!

Fish Lake fun

Dirk had a real estate deal to work out at Otter Creek on General Conference Saturday in April and we ended up driving from there to Fish Lake for some fishing and a picnic.  It was a lot of fun!!

Our future home

We are so excited to start building our house in Monroe this year!!!  We bought three and half acres of beautiful land in Monroe end of last year and decided to build.  It's right behind Dirk's parents house (through a field).  WE bought spray paint so we could do a rough outline of where our house will be.  It was pretty cool to see it like that.  Later we realized we have to set it back a lot further then we thought, but that will work out just fine!

First day of kindergarten

Eli loves his bike

This kid has loved riding his bike this year.  He inherited a nice Schwinn from Brady and Michelle Smith and it's been a GREAT bike!!!  Thanks Brady and Michelle, oh and Kinin too!

Love letter to mom from eli

Eli wrote me this letter and was playing mailman.  When he delivered it, I couldn't believe he would have intentionally written "you rug rat mom."  Anyways, Dirk suggested I have Eli read it to me and when he did, he read it as follows: "You r u grat mom!"  Or as translated "You are a great mom!!"  haha!!  Such a sweet boy as he learns to read and write!!