Monday, May 25, 2015

Emmitt turns two

Emmitt turned two on May 9th, 2015!!!  This kid has been nothing but fun since he was born!  His first year of life he was the easiest, sweetest baby ever!!!  He ate, slept, pooped, let other people hold him, and just was so pleasant!!!  During year one, he was a little more stubborn with his plans, but was still very amiable and loving!  Here are a few things about Emmitt:

  • He's very sturdy and coordinated and will jump off of very high places and has done so for probably the past 6 months.
  • He smiles and waves and nearly everybody
  • He has a huge vocabulary and will repeat ANYTHING we ask him too, which is pretty fun!
  • He has absolutely no desire to potty train yet.
  • He LOVES trucks, tractors, hats, car keys, hammers and screw drivers
  • He loves his grandma and grandpa
  • He loves to play tough with people and is always jumping on bigger kids when he plays on the trampoline.

 Emmitt loves his brother Eli!!

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