Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My munchkins!!!

I LOVE everyday that I get to spend with my sweeties!... Which is almost every single day (accept when I'm in Peru)!

Honestly, they are so much fun to be with and Ivy is getting out of her clingy mommy stage which makes the days easier for me.

The only things that would make my days better would be 1). To have dirk home with us much more often and 2). A part time maid (or full time... I wouldn't be picky)!

Loving my days! God has been good to me! :).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zucchini Pasta

Tonight I made homemade marinara sauce with tomatoes from our garden and it turned out delicious if I do say so myself (I bottled 10 extra pints...yes)!

Then I made regular noodles for the fam, but knew I couldn't eat them. So, instead, I just grated some zucchini and sautéed it for a bit with coconut oil and that is what I used for my noodles. I thought it was so delicious that next time I think l'll serve it to the whole family!

Stomach pains and Juicing

Yesterday I had a severe bout of something in my stomach.  We were at Dirk's parents house and I suddenly had to just lay down or I was going to throw up.  Dirk came over (to where I was laying sprawled out on the grass by myself... I"m sure I looked goofy, but I didn't care) and I told him I needed to go home.  LONGEST DRIVE OF MY LIFE!  Finally, after a couple of stops so I could throw up out the door and eventually clambering to the back of the van so I could lay flat, we made it home.  I went straight to my bed and laid there for a few hours, sleeping and trying not to be nauseous.

UGH... I hate feeling so ill!

Today I'm feeling a bit better although my stomach is still quite tied up in knots.  I've not had anything in over 24 hours accept water and some freshly bottled apple juice and just barely a fresh cup of vegetable juice...  

Dirk pulled out the juicer and we went and picked some fresh cucumbers, beets and carrots out of the garden.  I couldn't think of anything else that I could eat or drink that would make me feel settled.  The blend tasted good (with a little bit of added apple juice) although I'm still a bit nauseous.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'm back to myself.  There's a lot to do and I don't want Dirk to have to stay home from work... we will see.


Eli had his first day of preschool while I was in Peru (sigh..).
He loved it!  
He really loves learning and being around friends...
It's one day a week for only two hours so not very long...
I went to drop him off last week and he got out of the car and I got out with him and then he says "mom, I'll be fine.  You can go now." So I watched him walk around to the back door entrance and go in all by himself.  He likes to be independent... it's very charming! 

He's sneezing in this picture...

 Just being cute...
 A little over three feet tall... right on target.

It's so fun to watch Eli grow and mature! My handsome boy!  I love you Eli.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Tonight I'm in Lima, Peru (Miraflores) and things are going really well here as I'm working on building up mine and Dirk's Nikken business and that of some of our team members!  The people here are all very kind and we've been treated with much hospitality. :)

What's on my mind tonight though... my dear family!  I was so torn to leave my kids for such a long time (10 days), but Dirk and I knew it was important so here we are making it happen.  Anyways, just because they are on my mind, I'm going to write a few things about each one:

Little Princess
Eli's bff

"Just Kidding"



Saturday, September 1, 2012

LIMA y Our Anniversary!!

I arrived in Lima, Peru this morning at 1am. ALL of Neil's family was at the airport and they all wanted to go eat so we all piled in three vehicles and drive through Lima... CRAZY!! We eat pollo con French fries. I wasn't supposed to eat the delicious looking salad so I didn't.

Then, they went to take me to my apartment and we couldn't find it for about 2 HOURS!!! I know... Very long time! I was still living off adrenaline so all was good. Asleep by 4:30am and then...

I woke up at 8 and got ready for our presentation at Cafe Mezze at 10. Ithe presentation went really well with a lot of people there who are all very interested. Afterwards, I went with Elias, Jacquie, Elvira, Neil, Rosa (la mama) y Amelia (sister of the mother).
We went and ate and looked at the view of he ocean... Very pretty.

Our next charla started at 4pm and it also was very packed! The Jackson's did this presentation as apparently el cafe had us double booked. It was alright just a bit confusing. Thank goodness Geoff and kimball are here!! I wouldn't have come without them...we are great supports for each other (I think they feel the same).

Anyways, I went with the caballeros a la casa de Juan, un hermano para su cumpleanos. We ate, danced and I rubbed magboys on a lot of ladies... Haha. They all liked it. It was a very fun time the only problem was I started to hit a wall about 11pm... Ayyeyey! Finally I got back to apartment at about 11:30pm and just Skyped with dirk and kiddos. I miss them!!! Plus, it's mine and Dirks 5th anniversary today! I LOVE him with ALL my heart. The next time I come, he better be hhere too... Its almost unbearable without him.

It's 12:30 and I need to sleep!!! Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday and I can rest! :D!!

Buenas Noches!