Monday, December 30, 2013

Vision Board or Life Cycle Plan

When creating a vision board, there are certain ways in which you decorate it in order to make it more effective.  Here's an image:

I have a few areas left to fill in on my vision board, but I'm already so excited about it!!

Here are some basic steps to follow:
1- start collecting pictures from the Internet, magazines, catalogs wherever!
2- get a large white poster board (or any color would be fine really)
3- get scissors, tape (or anything to stick your images on the board with)
4- start placing things in the right area.  Sometimes I find an Inge that I know isn't for right now, but in the future so I'll save it in an envelope for my next vision board.
5- hang it up where you'll see it daily.  

Good luck!!  This is an awesome activity and it's setting goals visually so if you're a very visual person, this is a great activity!!

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