Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where to begin...

This past year has been an exceptionally powerful one for me on many levels. December of 2011 pushed me to my limits and so earlier this year I had to slow down...way down. In February we decided to send me to the Nevada Clinic in Henderson because I just wasn't able to get my steam back (and my thyroid was enlarged on the right lobe which had as concerned). This was such a blessing from above!! After doing testing we discovered my thyroid levels were at rock bottom and this was affecting all my other endocrine systems including adrenals, pituitary, pancreas (blood sugar), etc. My body had gotten so weakened that my Epstein Barr and cytomegalovirus were flared up also which wasn't helping. My body was in break down, shut down, it's pouring down mode. Ive concluded that the main reasons I got into this little pickle of a mess were 1) stress... Lots of stress (chicken pox, food poisoning, speaking in Spanish at church on Christmas, making all christmas gifts on sewing machine and blah blah blah... You get the point). 2) not eating enough. I have many food sensitivities so at times I'd just say "oh, I'll find something later" and I'd snack on something little. This was wrecking havoc on my blood sugar levels and other things. 3) I ran out of my thyroid (armour) for 2 weeks... Bad idea! And lastly, 4)as a mother I was caught in a vicious cycle of not taking care of myself (taking one too many for the team) which was making us all suffer. When mom is tired, the house is not an efficiently running machine as you can imagine. Well, There you have it ... The above mentioned components are guaranteed to subject one to a minimal melt down. Fortunately, I've been blessed along the way with friends, family and a kind and loving Father in Heaven who have aided my path back to wellness. Some days I still regress un poco, but for the most part, I'm back to being the energized woman, mother, wife that I want to be. But I recognize that I'm no longer invincible ... The hardest lesson of growing up!


  1. Maria!!! i had no idea!!! ugh i'm so sorry.. i'm glad you are on the up and up though.. remember my sister Bonnie? she is going through the same thing... literally.. the one who made you that video for your family.. you guys should share adrenal secrets.!! ps i miss you tons and tons

  2. Hi Maria! It's Bonnie (Lisas big sis). So did you like that clinic you went to? I'm always interested to hear how people climb their way out of health messes! I'm doing a lot of the natural things (oils, energy work, supplements) but I'm still missing things for sure. Just wondered how your experience was there...