Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sweet Ivy turns TWO!!!

Can she really be two already? My oh my! How time has flown by these passed two years...

My beautiful princess... My sweet little darling...

The passed two years have been full of so much growth, adventure and love!

Ivy has a fun personality. She loves to collect things... Anything! Ha. Im pretty sure she's a type 1 according to Carol Tuttle. She loves:
Her dolls
Reading books
Climbing on the counter
Climbing onto the bathroom counter and playing in the water
She loves water
Being outside anytime
Kittens and cats even if they scratch... She gets past that quick
All animals (she may become a vet)
Stars and the moon
Stroller rides
Her mommy
Her daddy
Her big brother Eli

Ivy has a very determined personality, but I have learned that the more I focus on communicating with her, the more agreeable she is. Seems so simple and yet it has to remain a constant focus for me.

Ps - the hideous cake I made below is gluten, sugar and dairy free. No one wanted any haha! I'll learn one of these days how to be satisfied with ingredients and please my family! ;)


  1. Ommmygoodness!! SHe is such a Character!! What a CRACK up!! I love how you captured her varying emotions!! We love and miss that beautiful GIRL!!:D