Saturday, November 22, 2014

Farewell to a good man!

My beloved mission president, Richard R. George, passed away this last weekend. Yesterday, I was honored and blessed to attend his funeral services.

I got a big hug from Sister George which got me all choked up!  I love this couple so tenderly, so dearly!  It's hard to describe in words what a person experiences on their mission, but I couldn't have asked for more amazing role models!  I am grateful for them and their love and service!  

One thing I learned at the funeral was that to be grateful, is to actually reciprocate what you are grateful for!  I pray I can be truly grateful for their examples!!

I also was so happy to visit with some of my dear friends from the mission!  I have such wonderful memories with many of them and shared experiences!  I look forward to our mission reunion in April 2015!💞

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