Thursday, July 25, 2013

Arizona Reunion and John's Mission Call

In early April 2013 we headed to Gilbert, Arizona for a Stockton Reunion.  The central location was at Sara's house.  It was a blast!!  It basically was my whole family accept Julia's family and Sam (he's on his mission currently in Boise Idaho).  Also, Kent and Lois were there along with Tim and his girlfriend.  Tyler and Tia Stockton were there and then also grandma Starshine!

Eli with his Uncle Isaac
Everyone getting ready for the carousel

Dirk and I had the kids ride on this motorized tiger in the mall... It was pretty cool 

And what was most exciting was John opening his mission call while we were all there...

John got some maps so we could all guess where he was going... Pretty cool! Do you know who guessed right??!  That's right ... Yours truly :)

Paris France it is!!

John had a gazillion people show up... He is one popular dude!

Love my family!

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