Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Patrice's wedding

Earlier this year I got a text message from a strange number... It was a finger with en engagement ring.  Who could this be?!  Sure enough, it was my dear friend Patrice!  She was getting married!  Patrice and I were roommates when I lived in Huntington Beach and oh how I loved being her roommate!  

Patrice and I would often go swim in the ocean beyond the surfers after work.  It was a good workout!  Patrice and our other roommate Sarah would always tell others I was their maid, which is still a standing joke!  

Anyways, I'm so happy for Patrice!  I don't have many pictures so I'll have to track down some more! :)

Patrice and Brian saying their vows!

Lex and Jessica!  Good friends of Patrice!

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