Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eli turns 4!!!

Eli turned four on Thursday, but we waited to celebrate until Friday so we could party it up with his cousins in good ol' St. Geezy!! It was a blast for about the 30 minutes that it lasted! ;). We hit the piƱata, collected candy and then ate cupcakes. Eli opened a couple of presents in there too.

My fabulous mother and awesome sister Sara had chicken enchiladas ready when we got into town and then had the cupcakes all ready for us too. :). Sara's boy Levi is such a great cousin! He picked a tractor for Eli for his birthday and it was "the best part"! :D!

I love my big four year old! Eli is my helper. He's very kind and considerate, thoughtful and loving! I'm so glad he came to our family!

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