Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Jarman's visit!!

My brave little sister came to visit us last week with her four kids un tow! She's amazing (I'm afraid to go almost anywhere with two kids and without Dirk... Plus, she has a sweet ride) and I give her big props for her bravery!

Needless to say, we had a really good time! Sara and three of her kids got foot zone treatments from my friend Susan (she does amazing work) and after that we did our best to be healthy! Lots of red raspberry leaf tea and green smoothies... Ahhh, I love my seester!! Eli and Ivy get along so well with their cousins that it makes life easy for me (I'm not required for so much entertainment). Levi, Sara's oldest, is so awesome. He can clean like no other seven year old I know!!

Here are a few pics from their visit:

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  1. ahh Maria! IT sure was fun seeing your beautiful new place, wow, what awesome work you have done there, it looks great!! The kids really enjoyed it, your babies are too sweet and yeah for Uncle Dirk to take these kids on a fishing experience! They loved it!